first day

Well friends, we made it through our first event: opening day at the Fulton Street Artisan’s Market. The day was cooler than we would have liked (and I’m not so sure about making hot smoothies) but we had a successful first run.
(Yes, for some unknown reason, Ryan did sport his bike helmet throughout the entire day, but I did some of the riding too!)

We have some new ideas for future events so we are busy to work this evening already. Overall: we did not forget anything, nothing broke, we made a lot of people smile and maybe think about bike power, and we shared smoothies with a lot of people.

Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth, bought smoothies, asked questions, and even tried pedaling. A special shout-out to the rad bicyclist who has the distinct honor of being our first-ever customer. Thanks Luke!

Introducing smoothie flavor number one: Strawberry Lady Chaser. We plan to include bike-love in all our names. This one has just three sweet ingredients: strawberries, banana, and apple juice. Yum yum yum.

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